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  • KOLKATA // calcutta

    It’s eleven pm and we’ve arrived in India. At the airport we go to the prepaid taxi stand so we don’t get tremendously ripped off getting to our hotel, we meet a very eager taxi driver and he rips us off tremendously as he screeches through the midnight streets, braking only when ABSOLUTELY necessary and regarding red lights as mere suggestions. The air is thick and warm and there are people everywhere. Welcome to Kolkata, the Bengali gateway to India.

  • chinese tea eggs

    I really don’t know how to start this post. It is Chinese New Year this week, so I thought I would make something Chinese. 

    I am in no way Chinese- not even the tiniest bit- and I know very little about China. If there was a handbook called ‘China in Generalisations’ (giant pandas, communism, lots of people, a profound belief in luck etc etc)… That book would encapsulate my knowledge of China.