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  • rituals: winter feast risotto

    Weekends are for rituals. 

  • apple cake.

    So. I have now tried to write about this apple cake five times. Maybe six. Anyway, a lot. 

  • a series of uncomprehensive travel guides: NEPAL

    If you had never heard of Nepal before this year (I get it, it’s a tiny country on top of a huge one, they eat similar(ish) foods and look kind of similar (sort of) to their southern neighbour etc etc), then it will almost certainly be on your radar now. But probably not for the reasons that I am championing. 

  • how do we cope? + bread bunting

    Sometimes the world seems a little crazy. In fact, sometimes the world seems outright bat-shit bury your head under your pillow insane. And how do we cope?

  • the winter garden (let’s make compost!)

    The shortest day of the year is fast approaching (according to the pagans and the guys on the radio), it’s a serious concern when we run out of fire wood and hot chocolate sales in Hahndorf have sky-rocketed. It must be winter. 

  • a sort of shaksuka and crispy kale.

    I think if some people I don’t know look at the recipes on this site, they may think I only eat dessert. Sometimes I wish I only ate dessert. But I don’t. I also eat foods that aren’t solely comprised of butter, sugar and flour. 

  • i don’t know… what that is…

    Ever looked at the ingredients list on a packet of biscuits, or a cake wrapped in plastic, or a MCDONALDS BURGER (!) and thought, well shit… I don’t know what that is. 

  • waste, eh?

    On Will’s birthday he took our DVD player that stopped working properly ages ago, and stopped working at all a few months ago, and he smashed it with an axe. It was hilarious and satisfying, revenge for so many thwarted movie nights. And then we threw it in the blue bin and thought nothing more of it. 

  • a week and a day.

    A week and a day (actually two days… this post is long- I may have been distracted) ago it was Will’s twenty-sixth birthday. It was the fourth time I’ve celebrated his birthday, and to mark the occasion there obviously needed to be cake. A really good cake. An indulgent, over-the-top, verging on ‘we are all going to die from diabetes if we eat this’ cake. A Snickers cake! 

  • syrup, chutney, paste, pickle. (autumn preserves.)

    Winter is coming.