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  • whew. miso sponge with strawberries and cream.

    Whew. It’s the only appropriate noise I can think of right now. I can think of words, like ‘OMG’, ‘holy crap…’ and ‘shit, really?’ But I think ‘whew’ is the sound that best sums up this insane whirlwind of a year. This crazy busy year which I thought would be best topped off with an entirely handmade cache of christmas gifts and two completely different but time consuming christmas eve cakes. Because why do things the easy way when you could make it so much more exciting for yourself? Because I love good cake and I can never turn down a handmade treat is why.

  • parsnip tarts.

    I have been trying to write about Tasmania, and our recent visit, for at least a month; thinking about how to best capture that strange enigma of an island in words, thinking about which stories to tell.

    I’m still thinking. So today, instead of wanderlust, I bring you tarts. These tarts sort of floated into my imagination as a mutated, vegetarian potato pie- you know the one: your standard shitty meat pie, topped with creamy swirly mashed potato and, if you are like me, smothered in tomato sauce. These tarts aren’t really like that at all.

  • love + a cake recipe

    This last weekend was a pretty heavy one. Horrific for a lot of people, a massacre large and prominent enough to make everyone take notice. Something to spread fear, hate and grief throughout the world. 

  • halloween! with halvah, almond toffee and caramel apples

    Halloween is so not a thing in this Great Southern Land. I remember, when I was younger, my friends and I putting on some kind of animal ears and maybe a tail and trying our luck on the streets. (And I say younger, but if I am being completely honest… I was fourteen). We ended up with an apple and a lot of confused looks. I remember, a few years later, going to Halloween parties where people ever so half-heartedly “dressed up” and it was really just a excuse for everyone to drink vodka cruisers whilst adorned in novelty head bands. And then a few years after that, I went to Canada. I arrived in the middle of November, just two weeks after Halloween. And I remember my excitement on my first walk around the suburban neighbourhood I was staying in, when I spotted the classic, bright orange carved pumpkins still dotted about on porches and driveways. And then getting home to the family who were generously hosting me and seeing the remainders of the stash of candy the kids had bagged two weeks before (the Australian lollies I had brought them seemed a little superfluous…) So it was a real thing after all! People did get into it, kids did get bags of treats, people did carve pumpkins! 

  • seeds – and how to save them

    Imagine this sentence is an apple magnet with a chunk bitten out of it, scrawled jauntily with a hilarious pun like ‘wish you were here, but isle save you a bite!’ (Don’t judge me… I just woke up). 

    Yes, you guessed it, we are in Tasmania! It is beautiful and lovely and even the weather is warm but today I am not going to talk about Tasmania, I am going to talk about seeds. And it is kind of appropriate that I am talking about seeds, specifically saving seeds, from Hobart because this is an island that draws in all the hippies, as my magnet up there would draw in all the touring Nannas. 

  • all the small things.

    Yes. That is a Blink 182 reference. Because they were a good band when we were fourteen. 

  • timing, temperature and patience.

    Timing, temperature and patience.

    No, I am not just telling you words. Actually yes, you’re right,  I am just telling you words. But said together, these words form a very important triumvirate. 

  • turmeric + pepper + ginger = tea.

    Shhhhh! Can you hear that? It’s the first day of spring, quietly leaving to make way for the first moon of spring. 

    It’s the sound of a collective exhalation, a sigh of relief. Spring!

  • mon-doughnut: sour cherry and white chocolate caramel

    Is that title a bit of a stretch? Monday, Mondoughnut… You can see what I was doing there…

    Buuuut it’s Monday: the day when you hit the snooze button that one extra time before wrangling your cosy body out of bed in the morning, the day for staring blankly around the room like an idiot instead of performing the basic task you set out to complete, the day, I am thinking, for doughnuts. 

  • summer… is that you?

    I’m pretty sure I spotted you last weekend. It was a Sunday, I was outside in a t-shirt, our washing actually dried on the line. It was magical. 

    But then you disappeared again. Elusive and mysterious, you marvellous trickster. And now it’s like you were never here at all,  and it’s all days of rain, wind and fog.