a monthly party and rose tea.

We have just spent a week helping on a farm in Bulgaria’s Rose Valley. Along with everything else I didn’t know about Bulgaria before coming here, I didn’t know this: Bulgaria is responsible for nearly all the rose oil in the world and the roses grow in this magical scented valley surrounded by mountains and wildflowers. It’s rose everything in this valley. Tea, oil, water, soap… we even smoked roses. 

I never liked rose. I thought it was for old ladies and completely wrote it off. Now I am more sensible and, if it isn’t manufactured “rose”, then I am on board. And after a little research, I learnt about the amazing properties of this dignified flower… it helps with everything from stomach pain to anxiety and stress and it is full of vitamins (especially C). 

It is also simple to use. Just pick some petals, dry them, and get experimental. To start things off, I have a tea for you. Dried organic- and this is important here, no pesticides- rose petals, sliced strawberries and hot water. That’s it. And it’s sweet, fruity and ever so charming. It also works very well with ginger. 

And now that you are settled in with your delightfully pink tea, let’s explore some other flavours that take a little time to fall in love with. 

We’ll go on a journey back in time to the month of April. I wrote a post chronicling my relationship with bitter food (and for those playing along, last night I had a delightfully bitter negroni and I savoured every drop), and I encouraged other food bloggers to explore a food or flavour they find themselves enjoying more and more as their tastebuds grew. 

It was my Our Growing Edge party, and here’s what we all had to eat:

A raw broccoli salad from Sophie over at Cooking Trips.

A portobello and porcini pie from Cook and Kid.

A herbed rack of lamb from Simply Sundays Food Blog.

Bringing more broccoli to the party, with broccoli soup and poached broccoli and oyster sauce, was Thanh from Miamivores.

A spiced up silverside beef from Little Girl Story.

An ode to whisky and a sumptuous date night dinner recounted by Genie, from Bunny Eats Design.

A crazy Wonka inspired martini  with a side of vegan matcha dark chocolate truffles from Sweet Meets Bake Shop.

And a bitter edged ice chocolate from me!

Thanks to everyone who came to my party. I hope nobody went home hungry. 





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