Month / June 2016

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  • turmeric chai for the winter solstice

    We have just returned from three and a half months in India and Bulgaria. A strange itinerary, as everyone we mention our trip to points out. It is. We know how strange, bizarre, almost insane it is to fly all the way (halfway) across the world only to visit two countries, especially in Europe. Because when Australians go to Europe we are like kids in a free candy store trying to cram as many countries as possible into our bulging pockets. 

  • a monthly party and rose tea.

    We have just spent a week helping on a farm in Bulgaria’s Rose Valley. Along with everything else I didn’t know about Bulgaria before coming here, I didn’t know this: Bulgaria is responsible for nearly all the rose oil in the world and the roses grow in this magical scented valley surrounded by mountains and wildflowers. It’s rose everything in this valley. Tea, oil, water, soap… we even smoked roses.