Month / March 2016

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  • easter bread

    Happy (almost) Chocolate Fest 2016! This year’s eggcellent greeting comes from Southern India, where I’m not sure Easter is really a thing. Nonetheless we are determined to have an Easter egg hunt with a whole mess of little Indian kids who have not ever had an Easter egg hunt before and are quite happy to run around like nutcases instead of listen to us blab on about rules. But we’ve lugged a kilo of mini chocolate eggs all the way from  Australia and our enthusiasm will not be dampened. Hopefully, our enthusiasm will not be dampened. 

  • KOLKATA // calcutta

    It’s eleven pm and we’ve arrived in India. At the airport we go to the prepaid taxi stand so we don’t get tremendously ripped off getting to our hotel, we meet a very eager taxi driver and he rips us off tremendously as he screeches through the midnight streets, braking only when ABSOLUTELY necessary and regarding red lights as mere suggestions. The air is thick and warm and there are people everywhere. Welcome to Kolkata, the Bengali gateway to India.