the love + ice blocks

I don’t know if you know this, but it was Valentine’s Day the other day. Valentine’s Day is this thing where couples are expected to be romantic and buy each other lots of stuff. It is this thing where people who are single are expected to be sad about their singleness. It is this thing where pink is ultimate and jewellery shops clean up. It is a thing that Hallmark really loves. 

This thing happened the other day. (Now you’ll be ready for next year, you’re welcome). In recognition of this, the theme of Febraury’s Our Growing Edge blogging link-up is ‘Love in all its forms’. Our host this month is Chinelo from Good Cake Day, head on over there for more information and a whole bunch of delicious cakes.

I thought about which form of love I wanted to talk about. Love for my partner or family is, of course, the go-to and therefore seemed to obvious. Love travel or gardening? I already talk about those loves quite a lot here. Love of my dog and cat? Well yeah, but they don’t eat cake. At least when anybody is looking. 

I decided to go big. World Love. Yep, I’m tackling world love and giving you an ice-block recipe all in one go. 

We humans need to love our planet more. We need to love each other more. First of all we need to think about our planet, and each other, more. Our planet and its inhabitants are amazing and it all deserves our love. All you need to do is go and spend some conscious time in it to realise that. And once this realisation has hit, you may think ‘What now?’ ‘How to help?’

This is a question lots of people are asking, and here are a couple of answers for you. (Then, I promise, ice-blocks.)

Buy your house hold paper goods from this company- you know, toilet paper, paper towel, tissues. They really are champions.

Have a squiz at these clothing, footwear and backpack companies that give a little back for every item purchased, the wonderful peeps. 

Take a look at this little corner of the internet and see if you are inspired to share the love with these gorgeous folks in South India.

And now, here is a super fresh, crazily simple ice-block recipe to refresh on the remaining hot summer days. It is not too sweet and very refreshing and (in the spirit of loving the planet) made with all organic MOJO kombucha brought to you by a local South Australian family business. 


Buy a few bottles of kombucha and some fresh berries/mint (or pick some of your own if you are lucky enough to have a secret bush somewhere).

Stuff some berries/mint into your ice-block moulds and pour over the kombucha. Popsicle sticks go in, everything goes into the freezer and after a few hours: ice-blocks!

(N.B. These ice-blocks are wildly adaptable- have fun!)

Spread the love, my friends. 

PS There is nothing sponsored about this post, I just love dudes who do cool stuff and like to share their work 🙂

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