Month / January 2016

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  • hottest 100 day & golden gay time soft serve sundae.

    “…at first blush Australia connotes something non-human. Of course the genius of indigenous culture is unquestionable, but even this is overshadowed by the scale and insistence of the land that inspired it. Geography trumps all. It’s logic underpins everything. And after centuries of European settlement it persists, for no post-invasion achievement, no city nor soaring monument can compete with the grandeur of the land.”

                                                                 Tim Winton, Island Home.

  • resolve, resolving, resolved.

    I don’t know about New Year’s Resolutions. I mean, I know about them, I just don’t think they are very helpful or necessary. When have you ever actually ‘done’ something you resolved to do at the start of a new year? If the answer is at all, well done. I cannot count myself among your motivated numbers. 

  • the island of my childhood.

    HNY everybody! Oh, how the time flies and all that. Christmas is done, New Year has sparkled passed, it’s all resolutions, diets and green juices now… Ugh, the horizon looks bleak from there.

    It must be time to start planning a holiday! My feet are getting itchier with every passing day and only the email sitting in my inbox, reassuring me that our tickets to Kolkata are secured, gives them any relief.