Month / December 2015

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  • whew. miso sponge with strawberries and cream.

    Whew. It’s the only appropriate noise I can think of right now. I can think of words, like ‘OMG’, ‘holy crap…’ and ‘shit, really?’ But I think ‘whew’ is the sound that best sums up this insane whirlwind of a year. This crazy busy year which I thought would be best topped off with an entirely handmade cache of christmas gifts and two completely different but time consuming christmas eve cakes. Because why do things the easy way when you could make it so much more exciting for yourself? Because I love good cake and I can never turn down a handmade treat is why.

  • parsnip tarts.

    I have been trying to write about Tasmania, and our recent visit, for at least a month; thinking about how to best capture that strange enigma of an island in words, thinking about which stories to tell.

    I’m still thinking. So today, instead of wanderlust, I bring you tarts. These tarts sort of floated into my imagination as a mutated, vegetarian potato pie- you know the one: your standard shitty meat pie, topped with creamy swirly mashed potato and, if you are like me, smothered in tomato sauce. These tarts aren’t really like that at all.