all the small things.

Yes. That is a Blink 182 reference. Because they were a good band when we were fourteen. 

But I actually want to talk about my life in the now, right now. The other week I started doing yoga again, for the first time in a little while. I was going to classes for some time but that kind of faded into not going to classes when I started TAFE and would have to had leave the warm house in the freezing night to get to the yoga studio… I really do like being warm more than most other things. When we were in Cyprus we were veritable yogis, and it was fantastic. (We were nowhere near yogis, but we did three lessons a week and learned to headstand, sooo….ya know…) So! I started again the other week. Little by little. Every day, ten, twenty, thirty minutes. And this, my overwhelmed friends hiding in the corner to get away from it all, has been the real positive taken from my spontaneous youtube search and subsequent yoga practice. 

Because 20 minutes a day is doable. It is surprisingly more doable than one and a half hours once a week. Seriously. Because who, in all honesty, can’t find twenty minutes in a day? Probably people with gaggles of one, two, three onwards-year olds… But for everyone else- doable!

And this, as well as the flexibility and balance, is what I am really finding wonderful. I thought before that the only way to change things I am unsatisfied with- in myself, in life, in the world, in whatever- was to do so in huge ways, great sweeping movements, massive gestures. Which is overwhelming and makes me want to run away and eat chocolate bars sprinkled with popping candy. But guys! That simply isn’t true! I have only been doing a small, small, small amount of yoga- really, ‘fit’ people would laugh at my efforts- and I can already feel a difference in my body, and in the way I think about my body. And so, with this discovery, I also bring you an idea.

Shopping bags, right? Use ’em every day- if you are a very unorganised shopper and food planner, i.e. me- and you probably already have the lovely, earth friendly checkout bags, right? And this is good. Very good indeed. But the other day, when I was at the farmer’s market because I am a wee bit of a cliche, I noticed that everyone was carrying around their various incarnations of earth friendly shopping bags, stuffed full with fresh, local produce… packed into those flimsy, veg-aisle plastic bags. And I thought hmmmmm… Hmmmmm indeed. 

And an idea was born! It’s a small idea, and it may even exist somewhere, I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter, because I’ve not seen it anywhere here, and I am here. Light, reusable fabric bags- made from op-shop foraged fabric no less- with simple ties, perfect for gathering nuts, seeds, veggies… anything loose really. They don’t weigh anything, so they won’t affect the final weight of what you are buying (and therefore the final cost of what you are buying) and they aren’t destined for land fill. And they look pretty! I even got a compliment the first time I took them for a spin- yes, at the local farmer’s market. 

So this is my teeny, tiny contribution to the humongous problem of WORLD TRASH. Because it’s a pretty big problem. And it’s everywhere. In some places it is much more obvious- like Turkey and India, where the education on littering has not existed yet- but it is everywhere. If you really look, it is everywhere. And this makes it seem insurmountable, unsolvable. But we can do it. All the small things make a difference. Let’s make all of our shopping bags, the big and the small, totally reusable. And totally lovely- thank you, little old Indian man selling wooden carved stamps on the side of the road.   

If you want some of these shopping cart beauties, you can totally make your own… find some lightweight fabric- preferably from an opshop, cos if we’re going to do this, let’s do it right yes?, stitch a little string to one side, perhaps do a little art, and then you’re done! Perfectly delightful, reusable, feel-good produce bags. Buuuuutttt, if you aren’t really a crafter but also think this is a good idea, let me know! For a little bit of money, or a little bit of trading, we can definitely make you some- and even, because they are light, post them to you! 

Blink 182 had it right. All the small things y’all. They really make a difference.  

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