Month / August 2015

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  • mon-doughnut: sour cherry and white chocolate caramel

    Is that title a bit of a stretch? Monday, Mondoughnut… You can see what I was doing there…

    Buuuut it’s Monday: the day when you hit the snooze button that one extra time before wrangling your cosy body out of bed in the morning, the day for staring blankly around the room like an idiot instead of performing the basic task you set out to complete, the day, I am thinking, for doughnuts. 

  • summer… is that you?

    I’m pretty sure I spotted you last weekend. It was a Sunday, I was outside in a t-shirt, our washing actually dried on the line. It was magical. 

    But then you disappeared again. Elusive and mysterious, you marvellous trickster. And now it’s like you were never here at all,  and it’s all days of rain, wind and fog. 

  • rituals: winter feast risotto

    Weekends are for rituals.