Month / April 2015

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  • red, gold and mushrooms

    Crisp and fresh and cold nights. Fires and cake and sparkly dewy mornings. And pie! And dark green winter vegetables sprouting in the finally damp earth. Mushrooms. Fat, happy, bustling hens. Late night rain. I love autumn. 

  • cloud pies for autumn.

    Pomegranates are probably the most regal of all the fruits. If fruit had a court, pomegranates would rule while the apples and oranges danced below, trying to win approval from their ruby laden lords.

  • in ten years.

    I don’t think it’s a question of liking or disliking it…

    Then what?

    It was the one thing he was best at.

    Hmmm, I see. She pondered this. But that might very well be the best way to live your life. What’s the one thing you can do best?

    I don’t know. He looked straight at her. I honestly have no idea. 


  • a really swell cake.

    It’s Easter now and to tell you the truth? I am dreading it. And talk to anybody in hospitality, I can guarantee their feelings will run the same vein.