where have all the curlies gone…

I have a question. It has spent the last week slowly building up steam in my head. It is not a very important question, but it is a question I have nonetheless. 

It has to do with hair. Specifically, curly hair. What I want to know is: Where Are All The Curlies? I feel like this is a question that deserves the extra capitals, because…where are they? Certainly not anywhere that I am. I’ve looked. I, shock horror, have insanely curly hair. So insanely curly that most mornings I wake up and think ‘what the f**king hell am I going to do with this shit?’ and ‘fantastic, today I am modelling “frizzy bird’s nest”… it’ll defs catch on’ and ‘aggghhhhhhh!!!’. Any combination of the above really. And I am feeling increasingly alone in my curly hair woe. I feel quite sure that I can’t be the only girl out there who owns a GHD, who spent many a teenage years with a straight fringe and a curly head, who (some would say irrationally) dreads a rainy day. In fact I am even more sure than quite, I am certain. Because over the last few days I have had a number of admiring comments about my head tangle, from girls who also secretly belong to club curl. 

And so I thought I should tell them… I am lonely being in this club all on my own. I have cupcakes and carrot cake and little sandwiches with the crusts cut off and I have no-one to share them with. I have a club-house decked out with pictures of Meg Ryan a la WHEN HARRY MET SALLY and nobody to admire them with. I have hair that you can make a wicked sick head fountain with and nobody to share in my glee! So fellow curlies, this is my invitation to you to come back, back to the awesome land of never having to eat sandwich crusts, of being able to chuck you hair upon the top of your head with some bobby pins and have people believe you have spent hours in front of the mirror artfully twirling a curling iron, of being able to ‘boing’ your hair. 

It’s really fun here, I promise. 

The amount of time you’ll save, when you give up fighting and relinquish the hair straightener. 

The worry you will no longer have, when you don’t have to care about dodging the rain. 

The people who will think you are mysterious, quirky, interesting or odd because you’re hair has that little ‘something else’. (ahem, curls).

The ease with which you will be able to travel, when you don’t have to worry about power conversion and whether or not your straightener will blow up a wall socket (truly, that happens).

The compliments you will get from people (especially secret curlies).  

Ultimately, the freedom you will have when you stop thinking about how you should look and just go with how you do look. And enjoy it (most of the time- I won’t lie, sometimes it is an enormous pain in the… curl). 

People will respect that, I promise. And if they don’t we can eat crust-less sandwiches and gaze at Meg Ryan and commiserate together over the horrors of humidity. 

Sounds fun right?


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February 20, 2015 at 04:02 PM

GHD= Great Head of Dreads?
love you x

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