keeping it simple.

If you buy the right calendar, it would seem every noun has its day. Yesterday’s celebrated noun? Nutella. Yes, the fifth of February is (apparently and for what reason I have not a clue) World Nutella Day. Fans of chocolate smooshed with hazelnut unite!

Obviously I had to celebrate this very meaningful and not in any way ridiculous day with a Nutella based treat. It did, after all, come to our rescue more than once in India when we were hankering for a treat/ needed to celebrate (beer is rather hard to come by and Indian cake isn’t so great). 

And so I made Nutella popsicles! Sort of. I had no popsicle sticks so I used snapped-in-half skewers. I also kind of didn’t measure the ingredients and so my “popsicles”, rather than being frozen, were more like a very cold, very gooey ganache-y ind of fudge. I was very excited about my nutella popsicles, because… nutella. popsicles. And I had dressed them up in candied hazelnuts and Dutch cocoa and gold sprinkles. It was all very exciting. 

But. When I actually ate one? I don’t know. It wasn’t that they weren’t good. They were frozen chunks of Nutella covered in sugary hazelnuts and cocoa. They were good. But I really just think nothing can beat a ginormous Nutella-y spoonful, straight from the jar to the mouth. 

It has always been, and still remains- despite my frozen popsicle adventures, my favourite way to eat Nutella. You can keep your toast, your crepes and muffins… you can keep them and I will keep my trusty spoon. 

And I will keep my pizza adorned only with tomato, mozzarella and basil. I will keep my evenings spent cooking dinner and watching the golden sun, my weekends spent gardening and op-shopping. I will keep creating food and writing notes and looking for beauty everywhere.

I will keep it simple.

Happy Nutella Day (belated).   

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