Month / February 2015

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  • I SCREAM. coconut, turmeric, ginger.

    Since we have had about five milliseconds of actual heat this summer (although this weekend ’twas the season), I have taken every tiny chance I am offered by the weather gods to mix stuff up and freeze it. It’s kinda like a hobby of mine. Pretty cool, I know. (See what I did there?)

  • where have all the curlies gone…

    I have a question. It has spent the last week slowly building up steam in my head. It is not a very important question, but it is a question I have nonetheless. 

  • beginning…

    Before we arrived home from our eighteen months spent traveling, volunteering and just generally having a whale of a time overseas, I was super enthused about turning our backyard into a mammoth vegie garden upon our return. 

  • persian love cake

    I am not really a celebrating-Valentine’s-Day-with-roses-and-all-things-pink kind of person. I am not, in fact, a celebrating-Valentine’s-Day-at-all kind of person.

  • keeping it simple.

    If you buy the right calendar, it would seem every noun has its day. Yesterday’s celebrated noun? Nutella. Yes, the fifth of February is (apparently and for what reason I have not a clue) World Nutella Day. Fans of chocolate smooshed with hazelnut unite!

  • a series of uncomprehensive travel guides: INDIA

    Welcome to India! It is dirty, loud and overwhelming. But you’ll get used to it.