a series of uncomprehensive travel guides

We have been home from our epic adventure for, what, three months now? And I gotta tell you, I am feeling those three months. Not that I don’t love being at home, growing alien-big zuchinis, feeding my chickens and collecting their gifts, and baking every. single. thing. But I also like exploring.

And so to shamelessly relive my memories (before I can scrounge enough for a plane fare once more), in the form of doing something useful, I decided to create a series of travel guides. A series of travel guides for the person who doesn’t like being told EXACTLY what’s what. Who likes to be guided, but who likes an element of mystery. 

Basically, I can’t remember a lot of the technical details of what we did, where we went. I couldn’t tell you what hotel is good, or what tour you should do. But I can tell you other things, things you perhaps weren’t expecting to find out. Think of these guides as the opshop version of travel books: you may have to sift through a lot of things you really don’t need but you will find some gems. You will definitely find some gems. 

So. A series of uncomprehensive travel guides. Travel UN-guides, we can call them. I’m going in alphabetical order, and up first?

Let’s go to India.

(p.s. I know uncomprehensive isn’t a real word. Go with me.)

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