Month / January 2015

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  • a series of uncomprehensive travel guides

    And so to shamelessly relive my memories (before I can scrounge enough for a plane fare once more), in the form of doing something useful, I decided to create a series of travel guides. A series of travel guides for the person who doesn’t like being told EXACTLY what’s what. 

  • a birthday cake

    Birthdays right? They come every year. They come on the same date every year. And every year, your age becomes that little bit more alarming (or is that just me?)

  • oh my bread

    I have a recipe that will change your life. Well, it will change your life as much as home-made bread can. Home-made flatbread that is. 

  • a little thankyou

    Last week I was all set to clamber upon the roof and make my announcement, ‘Summer! It’s here! Guys, it’s finally here!’. 

  • a bottle of water

    So it’s New Year’s Day and you want to go out for coffee. Perhaps some breakfast. Well have no fear, I am here to tell you all you need to know about correct cafe etiquette for the day after the biggest night of the year (even if you didn’t think you needed or wanted to know).