all of the orange peels

I have been killing it today. I should make myself a badge. “My sheets are clean and my floor is vacuumed. I am a winner.”

I hate housework. Obviously, because, you know, it’s housework. But there is only so long you can sleep on a bed without sheets (actually it was just one…ok two… nights) and there are only so many times you can quickly sweep the kitchen floor and ignore all the other rooms while trying to convince yourself that it’s all fine, no problem.

Turns out my limit is about six weeks. And so today was the day. And success! I have clean floors, clean sheets and four jars of tomato sauce bottled and ready to be wrapped ever so prettily. I watered the garden and did the dishes. I even made muffins. Chilli-chocolate-almond-orange-honey muffins. 

Because. I need all of the orange peels. It’s for the garden you see. I was having an invisible battle with an army of slaters (it actually wasn’t a battle…they were just swanning in and eating everything they possibly could) who come in the night to eat my defenceless seedlings. And I didn’t know what to do- you can net against birds and snails but slaters? They’ll wiggle through the holes of course. And there is absolutely no question about using chemicals on our food to be, it’s never going to happen. So I checked my garden bible (Google) and it told me that the benefits of slaters outweigh the negatives, and that only occasionally will they turn their attention to things you’d rather they ignored. And then I read about the orange peels. Slaters love the dark, they love protection and they, apparently, love citrus.

So in an effort to bring the slaters back to our side of the battlefield, I have littered the garden with orange halves. Juice-less orange halves, sitting like little protective orbs all through the vegies. And it is working! I checked underneath a few peels the other morning and the slaters are loving it. And my seedlings are definitely less chomped on. 

But the orange peels are starting to dry now, and so I need more. And I do like oranges, but I am lazy. And I feel like the effort you have to go to in order to eat an orange or get to it’s juice (so much cutting and squeezing for one eency glass) is not heaps worth it. If somebody else thinks it is, I will definitely drink that juice, but if it’s up to me? Ehh. But if I can make a cake out of it, then I am there. I will cut and squeeze til all the cuts on my hands are stinging. Cos I loooove cake. 

And so, the muffins. They tasted very good. But they weren’t what I wanted. I like my muffins to be quite dense. Not heavy. More like a meal. If beer is the liquid version of dinner, I want my muffins to be the cake version of dinner. And these ones were too light. They were airy and fluffy and reminded me of fairy cakes. Not rich and satisfying enough to hold up the dark, spicy, orangey filling. 

So when this batch of orbs have wrinkled I am going to try again. For now, remember this: slaters are our friends. And the like oranges. 

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