Hi there! I am Jordan, I’m in my mid-twenties and I live in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. I love love love being in the kitchen (cooking and eating) and traveling and I am trying to learn how to garden (luckily my mum has the greenest of all thumbs… she gets a lot of questions). I would rather not eat raw mushrooms, oysters that aren’t drowning in crispy bacon-Worcestershire sauce or any kind of tinned meat. Other than that nothing is refused (until someone offers me something truly disgusting…) 

That is me in four lines but for all the things left unsaid, see below… 


I live with my lovely man Will who stays well away from the kitchen when I am cooking because I can be a little bit unbearably bossy at times. (If he is really, really hungry he may venture in and try his luck at furtive snacking.) We also share the house with an extremely loyal black kelpie named Bella and her little sidekick, an orange cat named Sukie. My family are spread out across the globe but sometimes they come to stay. 


This blog is, right now, a place for me to share my cooking, gardening and traveling adventures. It may also feature other projects I get up to around the house and the occasional muse on life in general. I cook anything and I hate limiting myself so meat, vego, vegan, raw, desserts, cakes and anything else that tickles my fancy will find its way into my kitchen at some point. I travel whenever I can and have made it my mission to see as much of the world as possible since finishing highschool 7 years ago. I love to write about my explorations; hopefully people love to read about them. I am also learning and trying to live more sustainably, so I will probably talk about that sometimes. So vermilion red is essentially my life, recorded for all eternity in the internet. The name comes from a poem about geraniums that my dad read to my sister and I over and over again when we were younger, it was one of his favourites. It is my link to my youth and my family which is important to me now that they live in all corners of the world. 


Right now! But stories from past travels will definitely pop up occasionally. 


Anywhere that I am. I really enjoy writing and make it my mission to write from where ever I may find myself. Even if that may be the middle of the Indian jungle (which I have spent months in, and blog posts did get published!)


Because I love writing. Whenever I travel I keep journals- looking at my bookshelf now I think I can count at least 13 notebooks that are filled with my scribbles from overseas adventures of the last four years. Before, I had another blog. It was the ongoing story of what I was doing while I wasn’t in Australia and you can visit it here: wander with me. I enjoyed writing every post, even if I cringe at some of them now, and I decided that I didn’t want to give up blogging when I got home. So I came up with vermilion red; a blog that could encompass all of my life, not just the bits I had to get on a plane to experience. 

So this is me in a little more than four lines. Thanks for stopping by.

If you’d like to contact me you can do so at jordan.lewis48@gmail.com

p.s. please don’t reproduce any content you find in these here pages without asking first. 

p.p.s. I don’t make any money from this blog, so if I ever go on about how good something is (which I probably won’t do unless it’s a food or a place to visit), it is because I actually like the thing, not cos I am getting moolah from it.